Adidas Powerlift 2.0 review.

Made by adidas, these powerlift 2.0s are a type of weightlifting shoe designed to improve performance. If you want to check out other opinions, read adidas powerlift 2.0 review.

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For us, they are a pretty decent halfway shoe for people who want the flexibility of a crossfit style shoe without the large heel of other thicker soled shoes.

Adidas never ceases to disappoint with a quality shoe product. It has become clear to us over the testing that the adidas powerlift 2.0s are very well made. However, they may not be the best for heavy snatches and things like that because they are not super flexible.  That said it definitely serves its purpose.

And of course, this was a great shoe for the powerlifting; Hence the aptly named “Powerlift 2.0”. The stability in this weightlifting shoe is unparalleled and for movements such as the squat the deadlifts these are exactly what you need. The three lifts in this genre of weight lifting such as the back squat, deadlift, and bench press require very little flexibility in the movements. so the rigidity of these shoes helps most with these lifts.

The heel is about 15mm which is lower than some other shoes.

They are also very lightweight, down to its weight distribution plate or other fancy tech, which means it’s made from some kind of lighter material here. You also get very firm ankle support and a big strap that helps keep you stable during heavy lifting.

The strap on the adidas powerlift 2.0s aids in keeping a foot firmly in place during a lifting phase. Some people have said that the wuality isn’t as good as others though. But I don’t think this is an issue. It simply comes down to personal appeal, and keep in mind how much more affordable these are compared to other shoes such as the nano 4.0s. Nothing to worry about really.

The Adidas Powerlift 2.0 isn’t exactly the comfort of a rolls royce, but for the purpose of weightlifting you cannot be too fussy.  They did a great job with the cushy fabric interior of the shoe to try and give the tank a softer side. Because of the stability factor, the comfort metric definitely goes down a little bit, but for powerlifting I would think it’s worth it.

Again, this shoe is fantastic 4 stability. It’s all due to the leather rigidness and the strap that keeps you firmly in place.  The sole of this amazing footwear is highly dense, which means it’s ideal for heavy deadlifts and squats. MInimalist but gets the job done.